Oral health problems caused by smoking tobacco

You may hear that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and can cause many medical problems. However, many people don’t realize that it can damage the mouth, gums, and teeth. Be careful if you smoke. It can lead to severe problems like staining, gum disease, tooth loss, and mouth cancer. The smoke from the barbeque is fantastic but not the smell of cigarettes. Now often everyone is aware of how smoking can harm overall health. Thus no of people towards smoking is declining each year. But people lack the knowledge of how smoking can affects your oral health and beyond it. These days apart from cigarettes, E-cigarettes are also available in the market. But some real stories are found that there are lots of problems caused by vaping. Difficulties such as it can cause serious lungs problem who vape. In this article, we will discuss how cigarettes and can affect your oral health problems.

How Smoking Affects Your Teeth and Oral Cavity?

Yes, you heard it accurately that smoking affects health. But how dangerously it can turn out and can harm your oral hygiene. Let’s discuss it in points:

  • Smoking causes stained teeth, bad breath, loss of smell and taste, and discoloring of the tongue.
  • Smoking supports bacteria, plaque, and thus tooth decay happens.
  • Due to the smoking immune system is settled, that leads to oral health problems.
  • Smoking can lead to oral cancer.
  • It leads to gum problems and periodontal disease.

Do think of taking care of oral health? It is a necessity to protect your teeth and gums from smoking.

Smoking and gum (periodontal) disease:

Do you know that smoking can cause gum problems? A gum problem is an infection that destroys the surrounding bone that is supporting the teeth. Gum problem is known as periodontal disease. When food particles stick on teeth and gums, they form plaque. Later it hardens and forms calculus or tartar. However, then calculus and plaque irritate the teeth, and this happens when people smoke a lot. There are two types of gum problems – gingivitis and periodontitis. When gum problems are not treated on time, teeth and gums cant be improved. Then your teeth become loose, and then finally the dentist has to remove them.

Preventing tooth loss is essential:

Losing a tooth is the worst thing that can happen in a person’s life. It is necessary to prevent your tooth from tooth loss. However, if you lose teeth from the back of your mouth, then you can have problems like chewing food. On the other hand, losing teeth on the front side will affect the ability to eat, appearance and also creates difficulties in speaking. Teeth play a significant role in holding and giving a shape to your mouth and face.

Smoking and symptoms of gum disease:

By now, you are aware of how smoking is dangerous to health, and a frequent visit to a dentist can change your oral dental problems. Few are some of the symptoms of gum disease:

  • Bad breath
  • Red, swollen and bleeding gums
  • Loose of teeth
  • Spacing between teeth
  • Loose gums and pall away the teeth

However, if you see such signs and symptoms, make sure to talk with your dentist soon without delay.

Smoking increases gum disease risk:

Do you know that the risk of gum disease is higher if a person smokes much higher? The possibility increases if a person smokes ten cigarettes a day than someone who smokes none. Thus smoking can causes lack of tooth loss, difficulty in chewing, unclear speech, and lack of confidence to smile. Bleeding gums is evidence of gum problems, and it may be harder to detect, so talk with your dentist in such a case.

Remember that your dentist can help you if you are suffering from oral health problems. Regular visits to a dentist and doing some essential habit modifications can help you have better oral health. Regular flossing, brushing can help you have a great smile. Give priority to your oral health, and don’t neglect such problems. The basic formula is to quit smoking as soon as possible to have a better life. If you are willing to quit smoking, you can take the help of E-cigarettes. These are available in the market but noticed that there are a lot of side effects on consuming E-cigarettes. We suggest you talk about it with your doctor before consuming it. If you need our assistance, then surely we can help you towards the betterment of your life.

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