How to Avoid Experiencing Side Effects When Taking Medicines

Some people don’t like taking medicines because they hate the side effects. Instead of feeling better, the side effects make them feel distracted for several days. If you’re under medication for an illness, here are some tips to help you avoid experiencing the side effects.

Follow the prescription

Stick to the prescription at all times. Don’t pretend to know more than your doctor. Even if you believe you understand how the medicines work, you don’t. The physician will give you not only the drug but also the dosage to follow and the intervals. Don’t try to mix things up or treat yourself following your own rules.

Take fewer drugs

Sometimes, you have no choice but to take several pills at once due to your medical conditions. Tell your doctor if you’re already on medication for a different illness before you had the consultation. It will be taken into consideration before you’re given a prescription. Taking several drugs at once can worsen the side effects.

Review your drugs regularly

The initial prescription given to you by your doctor might not work anymore. In addition, there might be some changes, depending on how your body responds. Hence, doctors set an appointment for a follow-up checkup. You need to show up to determine if you will pursue the use of the same pills or if changes are necessary. Then start making the purchase, whether to buy penicillin online or any medicine your doctor deems best for your illness.

Don’t take another drug to treat the side effects of a previous drug

You can’t resort to another medication if the previous one that you took gave you a headache or other side effects. You might end up with more complications because of this decision. Again, consult your doctor before taking anything other than what the physician prescribed.

Follow the schedule

If your doctor tells you to take medicine before eating anything, you must do it. Otherwise, the pill won’t have an effect. On the other hand, if you receive advice to take medicine after eating, it’s probably to prevent stomach issues. Remind yourself to take the pills by setting the alarm on your phone. If you miss the schedule, wait until the next one before taking the drug.

Never combine pills with caffeine or alcohol

It’s better not to drink coffee, soda, or alcoholic beverages when you’re on medication. Wait until you have recovered from your condition before retaking these drinks. Combining them with medicines will worsen your problem. It might also lead to other medical issues.

Don’t panic

If you experience side effects after taking the drugs, don’t panic. Sometimes, these side effects are a sign that your pills are working. Relax and avoid doing physical activities if you feel the side effects. However, if you have allergic reactions and other severe symptoms, it’s time to go straight to your doctor. Hopefully, you won’t suffer from any side effects until you get better. If you do, remember the medicine and inform your physician about it. You can’t receive a prescription for the same type of drug in the future.


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