Some people might find a warm bath after a long working day relaxing; however, you’re missing out if you haven’t started taking an ice bath. Prior research has demonstrated that ice baths have loads of benefits to an individual; they help you relax, improve your mood, and improve your general health. Considering all these benefits, I think it is time for you to start having ice baths.

 In light of this, coolcubesTM is a fantastic top-quality product that will revolutionize your ice bath experiences. According to numerous reviews online, this is one of the best water coolers that you should consider if you are looking for a long-lasting product and at an affordable rate.

Features to consider

While shopping for water coolers, there are many aspects of a product that customers need to check. Top features should include but are not limited to; quality, efficiency, size, ease of installation. Other features that you should also consider before purchasing your water cooler include; cost and versatility of use.


When shopping for any product, quality is a significant feature to check. High-quality products provide excellent service and assurance that the product is durable; furthermore, nobody wants to spend on a cheaply made product because it doesn’t guarantee the value for money. The coolcubesTM water cooler is made with high-quality materials; thus, it has a 100% guaranteed durability. This water cooler is assembled in the Netherlands and has a life expectancy of above eight years.


With increased awareness of the benefits of ice-cold baths, people have now embraced the practice.  Some even take advantage of the winter season to seize the chance of dipping themselves in the pool for an ice bath, but let’s face it, winter doesn’t last all year long. Alternatively, other people use ice cubes in an attempt to bring down the water temperatures. To avoid all these hustles, we recommend that you get yourself a water cooler instead.

When shopping for one, we advise that you pay attention to the efficiency of the product which should be excellent to avoid unsatisfactory service. With a coolcubesTM  water cooler, you are guaranteed to enjoy a nice ice bath from the comfort of your home hustle-free and any time of the year. This watercooler from Khione Cold Therapy has a guaranteed efficiency; it cools water to 0-1 degrees within a few hours; hence it is very reliable.


When shopping for water coolers, you should look at the size feature to determine whether a specific product will satisfy your needs.  When looking for the best cooling machine, check for its cooling capacity and select the one that is best suited for your needs. The coolcubesTM water cooler comes in various sizes, giving you a broad range to choose from for a bath/tub/pool of between 200-2500 liters capacity.

These ideal sizes include; the CoolCubes TM 1500 and the CoolCubesTM 2500 that you can use to cool up to 2500liters of water for a nice ice bath. Additionally, this cooling machine can be used both inside and outside the house for people who want to enjoy their ice baths in the sun.

Ease of installation

While shopping for a cooling machine, it is advisable to check on the installation details. Machines that require technicalities to install may attract more costs, consequently increasing the product’s overall price. The CoolCubesTM cooling device is straightforward to install and start using. Connect the coolcubes and the pump with the tubes, then place the connected pump in a filled bath/tub/pool and turn on the machine; it is that simple.

Other features

We recommend that customers equip themselves with knowledge about the cost and versatility of use before purchasing a product. It is essential to compare the prices of different brands to identify the best value for a good product. For instance, CoolCubesTM water coolers are available at considerably affordable rates compared to competing brands. Also, a versatile product comes in handy for users looking for impeccable service from a product.

The CoolCubesTM cooling machine is a highly versatile product in various aspects. First, you can comfortably use the device to cool your water for an ice bath from an indoor bath or outside in a pool/tub. This gives you the freedom to choose the place you would like to take your ice bath. Additionally, the CoolCubesTM can be used to warm up water when you want to relax in a warm bath instead.

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, the CoolCubesTM water cooling machine’s excellent features will save you money and time. This cooling machine is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from numerous online customer reviews, thus ascertaining its efficiency and durability. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing the CoolCubesTM water cooler. So, forget about the ordering and purchase of ice cubes hustles and experience the best service from CoolCubesTM water cooler.

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