Beard transplant abroad

Breads are the subject of pride or envy for many men. Unfortunately not all guys have been blessed with beautiful and full beards and growing one it’s not always as easy as just not shaving your face. This article is about beard transplant abroad.

Some men seems not to be able to grow the satisfying beards we all see on the advertisements of facial care products for men. There may be many reasons why. Starting from genetical conditions which results in patches of hair growing randomly on our faces, through unhealthy eating or living habits, to accidents that left permanent scars on parts of the face.

There are a lot of perks associated with growing a bread, one of most popular among young men being the fact that beards makes you look more attractive in eyes of women, but it’s not only that. It boosts you confidence and makes you look more manly even in the eyes of other men.

No matter what is the reason you are interested in having a great looking beard. Some of you may need a little help of science in fulfilling your hairy dreams. That’s where beard transplantation is coming in.

What is beard transplantation?

Most simple definition is taking parts of your body usually from scalp and transplanting it to your face. Although a procedure if fairly demanding the end results usually leaves no room for dissatisfaction. Because you will choose what shape of a beard you want to have before whole thing even starts. Also worth noting the procedure is rather painless and can be compared to small pinches.

After your new beard will be transplanted, the hairs will fall off after few weeks and hair bulbs will be regenerating. When regeneration process will be completed your facial hair will behave like a natural beard and could be threaded as such with normal facial hair cosmetics.

Costs of the hair transplantation warries from $3,000 to $15,000 depending on amount of grafts needed and of course a place in which you want your hair transplant to be done. Giving some examples average cost of beard transplant in Turkey $1,900, in Poland $4,700, in Canada $8,000.

Medical tourism or cosmetic tourism was becoming more and more popular before COVID-19 pandemic started and it’s slowly coming back so a lot of more affordable options are becoming available for all of you guys who wish to get your beards in our dreamed shape.

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