5 things to learn before getting your dental implants

Dental Implants take the lead in offering a permanent solution for the replacement of missing teeth compared to other alternatives such as bridges and dentures. Dr Alex Nikolaou is a quality dental implantologist providing dental implants in the North West of the UK. There are some things that one should think about before undergoing dental implant surgery. However, this article will help you understand some important things that need to be considered before you have dental implants.

5 things to remember before dental implants

  1. Overall Dental Health Assessment:

It is vital to have a thorough dental health check before proceeding with the dental implant process. The examination done by a dentist will determine your tooth condition, dental health, and jawbone state. Successful dental implants require healthy gums and sufficient density in the jawbone.

  1. Dental Implants Are a Surgical Procedure:

Dental implant placement is a surgical procedure whereby titanium posts are inserted into the jawbone. Though technology has revolutionised the procedure, it remains a form of surgery. The patients should have a clear state of health, and provide their dentist with information about any medical conditions and medications.

  1. Healing Time and Osseointegration:

The essential part of this process is osseointegration which takes place after the implant posts have been introduced into the jawbone. This is the phase when the bone grows around and connects with the implant creating a firm support for the artificial tooth. The healing time could take from a few weeks up to a few months, and patients need to be prepared for this.

  1. Financial Considerations:

As a dental implant is an investment for oral health and appearance. It is important to think about the financial side before agreeing. Dental implants may end up being expensive initially, but they could be the best option from a long-term perspective. The dental provider should be approached for discussions of costs.

  1. Maintenance and Oral Care:

Dental implants have longevity in them but they need meticulous oral care and regular maintenance. It is important to keep the gums around, and the healthy teeth in good shape. One must go for regular checks and cleanings by dental health professionals and practice impeccable oral care habits at home. Patients must follow brushing, flossing, and antimicrobial mouthwash recommendations by dentists to prevent subsequent complications and ensure sustainability.


Dental implants are a breakthrough that give a new lease of life to people without teeth. By addressing overall dental wellness, acknowledging that it is a surgical procedure, taking into consideration the healing process, putting into consideration the financial implications, and committing to proper maintenance, you can make wise decisions that will give you a healthy, beautiful, restored, and confident smile. Discussing those considerations with a well-trained dentist plays a significant role in enhancing a good dental implant experience.

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