3 types of Dental implant and their advantages

Are you missing your teeth? Would you love to find a permanent solution to replace your teeth? If so, we will help you out with your queries. Well, the dental implant is the most trending and advanced procedure for missing or replacing your teeth. In this blog today, we will understand in detail on how implants work.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant treatment today we consider as one of the standard treatments. In this procedure small a titanium screw is surgically placed in between the jawbone below your gum line. The screw will fuse with the jawbone, helping in the stable foundation for your tooth. The dental implant screw is also the replacement for the missing tooth’s root that stimulates and preserves the bone structure. It’s a single crown replacing one tooth. But can also support multiple missing teeth with a bridge support and even secure dentures. If taken care which can last for lifelong.

Who are candidates for Dental Implants?

By now, you might be aware of dental Implants. So if you have one or more missing teeth, then you could get this treatment done. Having broken or decayed teeth, you can get dental implants done. If you are afraid of dentures or bridges, then this technology is beneficial for you. Earlier, if some patients we having low bone density or other health problems then this treatment was not considered. With treatment getting advances, now this is the best dental treatment for all kinds of patients.

Benefits and advantages of Dental Implants

  • Dental Implants are just like your natural teeth:

The biggest advantage of dental implants is that help you in chewing your food properly without any problems. Many patients say that they even can say the difference between implant teeth and natural teeth. You can eat normally; also can brush your teeth just like before.

  • Dental Implants is for a lifetime:

Cosmetic dentistry has boomed in recent years has taken the dentistry business. A dental bridge may last for ten years, but same time dental implants can last for lifelong. These implants are made of a biocompatible titanium material. Above all, it is the most powerful tooth replacement treatment.

  • Dental Implants keep you away from gum disease:

A food in case trapped in between a missing tooth could lead to gum problems. So dental implants keep your teeth away from gum problems.

  • Dental Implants help to keep adjacent teeth stable:

The gap caused by a missing tooth can destabilize your adjacent teeth. It can cause them to shift towards the gap, and change their position. As said, it can change your tooth position and can affect your bite and chewing. So dental implants help and protect your teeth and help to have good and healthy teeth.

Get free dental consultation with us:

Meet with a cosmetic dental surgeon and learn more about the different options for missing teeth and the dental implant procedure. In our consultation with the doctor, you get to know:

  • About the various dental treatment and their options
  • Get to know if you need any dental implants
  • Get all your questions answered by our expert doctors
  • Get a detailed written treatment plan

We hope you are well-nourished by the information we have shared in this blog. Do let us know if you have any questions through comments. We would love to read them. Do call us and get your dental appointment scheduled with our doctors. Hurry up.

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